25 February 2009


I've been kinda down lately, so I'm going to have to try hard to come up with five more things. But they'll make me smile nonetheless.

11. Mason Jenning's and Jack Johnson's song "I Love You and Buddha Too." It's the hippiest shit ever, so I therefore love it. Highly recommend listening to it, especially if you've declared a jihad/crusade recently. (Btw, whoever thought that "Campus Crusade For Christ" is a good name for a group? Seriously guys, try to come up with something positive Christians have done in history...)

12. Another music one, but whatever. I really love the music mariachis play. Yeah, make fun of me. But usually only when women sing it and are really angry. And when you know a lot of tequila went into its production. Try Salma Hayak's rendition of "La Bruja" from Frida.

13. When you trip and no one else sees.

14. The first few minutes after yoga. I feel so good in my body and mind that I feel like a dumbass smiling everywhere I go afterwards...totally worth it.

15. When you know someone well enough to say what they are going to say before they have a chance. Not always, because that would be awful, but on those funny occassions when you feel completely synced with that person. I think some people call it getting your synergy on.

I feel a bit better now. I have yoga later, so I'm planning on feeling amazing by 6:30pm today.

17 February 2009


Today I'm adding some to relieve stress, since I have two exams tomorrow and another on Thursday.

6. When you get to the elevator and press the button and it's already there.

7. When you find money in your pocket that you'd completely forgotten about. Always happens in winter coats.

8. Doing something completely outlandish to make someone laugh who doesn't want to let you know that they want to laugh, so they kinda sit there with a stupid smirk on their face...but you can't let them know that you find it funny, so you have to hold in all that happiness inside. Ex: backing my ass up onto my roommate who really enjoys it but pretends she doesn't like it, but I can't laugh or I'll break the mood. That makes me smile.

9. Seeing a happy person in public that you don't know. I think we're often taught not to show our delight in public and sometimes people let it slip out. You see it in little smiles, and that makes me smile.

10. Seeing an artist or band that you love perform live. Always makes me smile.

Ahh...writing these things makes me feel almost as relaxed as after yoga.

16 February 2009

things that make me smile. uno.

I've decided that I'm going to start writing little things that make me smile in my blog since I have so little time to write anymore and little things are quick and easy. And they make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Let's see...I'll write five things every time.

Here we go:

1. When people try too hard in yoga class and fart on accident. What makes it even more hilarious is that you're not allowed to laugh...almost unbearable.

2. (Cliche warning) The smell right before it rains and then again right afterward. It happened today when I was leaving class and a guy from it pointed it out to me. Way cool of him.

3. Randomly seeing people around UT. Makes you feel popular/loved (unless you don't want to see them because you A) hate every cell in their body, B) made out with them in drunken stupor last weekend and realize that they're butt ugly or a douchebag or both, or C) look like crap and don't want to seem like a slob).

4. Studying for a test and realizing that you pretty much already know it. RARE occurrence.

5. When you get to a store/restaurant right at closing time and they serve you. Makes you believe in humanity.

Feel free to share any happy moments in your life...I probably share them with you.

09 February 2009

Weekend Update

Yes, I am an awful person for abandoning my blog for scholarship applications, the Daily Texan, and other more-boring endeavors, and I can't excuse myself for this gross overlook. But seeing as I took some melatonin over an hour ago in order to curb the effect of all the caffeine I've taken in today, I'm bum tired.

Here are the essentials.

  • Next year I'll be living at 4111 Speedway. Not the cutest apartment, but near the IF and with huge rooms. Neighboring houses so cute I suspect dolls live in them. Randomly know the guy living in the room I'll be living in next year. Weird.
  • I just applied (like seriously just applied, as in a few minutes ago) to do HIV/AIDS education volunteering in Ghana after my Maymester ends. I'm excited as gravy to start. [Yeah, I'm so tired I think gravy is exciting.]
  • I'll be writing a column every other week for the Daily Texan. I'm much more enthusiastic about it than this reads.
  • I've finally started doing all my sex education things. Ask me when my next Methods of Contraception class is or when I'll be doing Sex Jeopardy/Mr. Condomhead/other workshop. I'm loads of fun.
  • I'm too tired/lazy to take the bulleting off this, so goodnight and good luck.