10 March 2009

the basics

I just waited over five minutes for this page to load, so I'm going to add that to my list of things I won't miss about Dobie.


I've been doing a lot of Twittering lately, so if you haven't started it get on it. If you're already as cool as I am, you should totally show me some love. If you don't know what it is, the easiest way I can explain is is that it's just a site of Facebook updates. Yeah, sounds f-ing boring, but once you get started you can indulge yourself in letting people you don't know know exactly what you're doing. Think 25 Things, but on crack.

For a couple of weeks I felt like I was completely sucked into the sex educator program...I think I can probably give the MOC (methods of contraception) class from the top of my head. Besides that, I've been writing my column every other week for the Daily Texan, trying to keep up in class, and getting a boyfriend.

Mhmm, mhmm, wait, WHAT?

Yeah. 'Tis true. I had spent the past few weeks bitching about how lonely I was and how impossible it is to meet nice, decent-looking, funny, smart, and socially functional guys at UT. If you had a single conversation with me between the dates of, say, Feb. 12 and Mar. 5, I was probably uber depressed about my lack of any kind of romantic life at all.

And then I decided that no, I was fine. I didn't need a boyfriend (no one does, this is true), and single life was kind of fun after all. I could go out to parties (like I have all that many parties to be going to in the first place...but whatever, in the event that I somehow weasled my way into one) and flirt with whomever I wanted. If I had the desire to I could have a crazy, kinky, sweaty, passionate one night stand and not give my number the next morning. And I never had to worry about someone else, or analyze their thoughts and feelings, or let anything get in my way of my life plans. However non-existent they are, of course.

So I took everyone's advice and stopped looking. And so one found me.

He's not my "type," but I've never really had a solid kind. Let's see - an asshole Mexican, a douchebag redneck, a pretentious film buff, and an overly romantic poet. Okay, scratch what I said about "he's not my 'type'" because I'm full of shit. I'm like the United Nations of relationships. Or the Jolie-Pitt clan. Anywho, what matters is if I'm happy. And I am.

Meanwhile, I can't stop listening to Yo La Tengo's "Gentle Hour" and "You Can Have It All," and to Bon Iver, in general. Good stuff.

And although it would have been awesome to stay in Austin for SXSW or for mis amigos, I'm kinda looking forward to getting back home. I need a break from this dorm and from classes and the non-stop action. Actually I'd just love to have a week here without any responsibility. I'd get to do all the things that I've wanted to do in this lovely place but never had the time for. (This is also a big reason why I'm going to be a FIG mentor next year...I'll have an excuse, and an obligation, to do all these fun things.)

Okay, so it seems like the misses is about to get home and I need time to pretend to be asleep. Yeah, she probably doesn't read these things so it's all gravy. And also if you text someone and they say they're asleep, don't text them back! That just means that they have to roll their sleepy-ass bodies over and read your goddamn text to make sure you're not getting eaten by an ogre on the Drag.

I've got a lot of angst.

04 March 2009

cuatro. or is it cuarto?

No no, I think it's cuatro. It's either "four" or "room." But wait! This shall be my number...whatever.

16(?). When people mess up with their homophones (or whatever you call those words that sound almost exactly the same but aren't really) and say something completely ridiculous. I can't think of any right now, except for this one that was kinda lost in translation that my Spanish teacher told me in high school. So apparently "embarazada" in Spanish means "pregnant," but she didn't know that and she's hanging out with her friends one night and does something embarrassing. So she goes something like, "Estoy tan embarazada!" I'm so pregnant!

17. Kings of Leon.

18. Eating cookies or brownies when they're still warm and gooey and melt on your tongue in slippery, sweet succulence.

19. Saying horribly inappropriate things very loudly in public places and watching reactions. (Hence my delight when I said that I was going home to go eat my vagina and I freaked everyone out around me on 21st.)

20. Those few extremely clear moments that you have every once in a while when you realize just how ridiculous this world really is. How bloody complicated yet simple it can be, and how you're happy to be alive to be a part of some parts of it.

I promise to write a real entry some day. Maybe even today.