28 February 2011

enclosed, enticed, enraptured.

inside of you are
the notes of the song I have written
the refrain that tears
my cords with
the beauty of the high.
it is upon us.

we will lay here inhaling
the scent of bottled flowers
pretending time will allow us
to pull the air into our lungs weakened
by hours intertwined
with the skin of our dewy bodies.
it will never wrinkle,
our eyelids never dim or close,
the dust become us
as we are all we ever were
or are
or will
or can be
for we are all.

and so they go -
these days pregnant with
the hope of the senior waiting for the letter
her heart confident but mind still
ever-so-rational -
panicking -
yet bound
to the knowledge that
tomorrow will care for itself
and coffee will forever taste the same on
her waiting tongue.
so the scent behind your ear
will intoxicate my cells tomorrow and
when I no longer recognize your face or
my children's.

so memorize me here
memorize me now
taste my tears and the skin along
the softest parts of my yearning body and
know that it is yours.